Please make sure to check out other relevant pages on this website as well:

Also, check out this video guide on how to record your presentation/poster video .

FTP site

We have setup an anonymous FTP site for authors to upload videos and PDFs of their contributions. The FTP server runs on the same host as this website (

We suggest using an FTP client like FileZilla since we encountered some problems in uploading files using, for instance, the macOS finder directly. Connections details are specified at the bottom of this page.

What to upload

Poster authors are encouraged to upload a version of their posters (in PDF, for online viewing) to our FTP site. Your posters could be downloaded from this website, so you may choose whatever size, resolution, font type and format you think is best to be viewed in a computer screen.

Talk authors have the option of uploading a copy of their slides (in PDF format) as well as a self-recorded video of the talk in .mp4 format, as a backup, in case of connection problems when delivering their presentation live.

Poster authors have the option of uploading a short (three minutes maximum) video in .mp4 format.

Where to upload

All contributions to ADASS 2020 have been assigned a unique identifier of the form XT-N, where:

  • X is P for posters, O for talks, I for invited talks, B for BoFs, H for special talks (e.g. the software prize talk) and D for focus demos.
  • T is the theme number (1 to 11). Contributions that specified more than one theme were assigned one specific theme just to make the various themes not too unbalanced.
  • N is just a running number.

For instance, a fantastic PID is O11-35 ;-)

Once you are connected to the FTP site, please change into your PID folder assigned before uploading any content. You must upload your files into your PID folder assigned.

The list of PIDs can be viewed here with links to your personal template tar file to prepare your manuscript.

Files nomenclature

You can upload 4 different types of files to your FTP folder.

  • You contribution slides or poster in .pdf format with file name <PID>.pdf
  • A lightning talk video in .mp4 format with max duration of 3 min. and file name <PID>.LT.mp4
  • A backup video of your talk in .mp4 format with max duration of 15 min. and file name <PID>.BCK.mp4
  • The proceedings package for your paper in .tar format with file name <PID>.tar

You should take into account that this file nomenclature will be used to automatically create the links in conference contributions lists or scheduling programs, as well as to process your paper contribution. If your files do not follow this nomenclature they could not be reached from the links neither your paper added to the proceedings.

When to upload

Authors are encouraged to upload their files to their own PID directories at their earlier convenience, ideally by Oct. 31st for poster PDFs. For proceedings, please see the deadlines in our proceedings instruction page.

Notes on overwriting files

As a (simple) security measure our FTP site does not allow neither overwriting files. If authors wanted to upload a new version of their files, they should specify a new version number in the file name. For instance the first version of poster P99-99 could be P99-99_v1.pdf; the next version after that could be P99-99_v2.pdf etc. Attempting to upload a new file with the same name would result in an error.

FTP connection details

  • Host:
  • User: anonymous (the password is your own email address)
  • Path: your PID (e.g. P20-99, O3-99 etc.)