The LOC has published the program and schedule for ADASS 2020 Conference. You may find a set of new different pages in this website with detailed information on the program, schedule, list of contributed and invited talks, posters, Bofs, focus demos, tutorials, participants, etc. This information will be updated periodically as you continue confirming or editing your contributions, editing your CfP account profile, and registering.

If you do not find your contribution listed, please check its status is "Confirmed" on the CfP Platform instead of just "Accepted". You may to confirm your contribution personally or let us know by email.

Please, note that we use a static website. All information is coming from the CfP platform and registration database, and the website is updated approximately once a day. So, it is normal if you do not see your contribution in the lists just immediately after you confirmed. Please be patient.

We are looking forward to see you soon ! Stay safe.