The technology stack used for ADASS 2020 is made of

Discord is used for

  • Registration
  • Support
  • General chat (text, audio, audio & video)
  • Networking
  • Speaker coordination
  • Volunteer coordination

Zoom Webinar is used for

  • Tutorials
  • Talks
  • BoF
  • Playing pre-recorded videos
  • (Possibly) Interactive Q&A during presentations

YouTube Live is used for

  • Tutorials
  • Talks
  • Playing pre-recorded videos

Getting started

The first step in attending ADASS 2020 is to register, just like for an in-person conference. Head over the ADASS Discord server and create a user account. We plan on leaving the ADASS Discord server running potentially forever.

On your first visit, you will not see much on the ADASS server: just a registration channel and a general help-desk.

alt text

Head over to #registration to interact with our registration bot. The bot responds to the following commands (note the prefix character):

  • !help displays general help for the bot.
  • !register <full name>, <registration reference> to register yourself.

For instance, user John Wayne bought an entrance to ADASS 2020. He received a confirmation email from Eurocongres with the “XXXX-ADASS-INS” reference. He would simply enter the #registration channel and type

!register John Wayne, XXXX-ADASS-INS

The registration bot would reply with a direct message to John telling him that registration was successful. The following screenshots illustrate the process.

Step 1: enter the #registration channel and look at the bot help message (typing !help): alt text

Step 2: register yourself (by typing !register Full Name, Reference): alt text

Step 3: You are registered and all channels become visible. You will not be able to use the registration channel anymore: alt text

It is important to notice a few things:

  1. While the ADASS Discord server is available to anybody with its link (which is published on the ADASS 2020 website), unless you register there is not much you can do.
  2. The bot queries the registration database, which is updated manually by the LOC. We are trying to find a way to make this process automatic.
  3. Because of 2, there might be a delay between the moment you get your registration reference and are able to register via the Discord server. If that were the case, you will get an error from the registration bot. Please contact @loc on #help-desk.
  4. Once you successfully register on discord, the #registration channel will disappear. We do this to reduce clutter.
  5. Your Discord nickname on the ADASS server will be changed to your real name if you are a speaker or poster author. We do this so that folks can recognize you if they want to ask questions about your poster/talk/BoF/tutorial.

In case of registration errors, you will receive a message from our friendly bot. Try again, correcting any typos etc. If you still cannot register, please let @loc know by chatting with us in #help-desk.

Once you are registered, feel free to look around. One good place to hang out is #talks. This is a general chat channel about what is going on in the talks sessions. We expect most people will hang out there most of the time.

If you click on the text next to the #talks heading, you will see the Zoom Webinar and YouTube Live links for today sessions. Please do not distribute them: they are for ADASS attendees only.

Click on the #talks heading to get to the Zoom & YouTube links: alt text

The links will appear in a popup dialog. Again, please do not redistribute them: alt text


Even though Zoom does have chat integrated into their solution, we will be using Discord chat channels to exchange all sort of info, opinions and reactions related to the oral and poster contributions through the #talks and #posters channels respectively.

However, the short scheduled time for questions and answers after each oral contribution will be managed by the session chair using Zoom features (i.e. using the “raise hand” feature in Zoom to give audio permission to participants to ask questions via audio and have the speaker answer them via audio as well, or considering the most relevant and up-voted questions you sent via the Q&A Zoom feature)

Specific channels for individual contributions may be created by the LOC in case the session manager considers it suitable. You may yourself also ping participants and authors and create small groups to have individual text and voice chats and exchange files.

As you will see, there are other channels, both text and audio/video. Feel free to explore and stop by #social for some fun and networking.

See you soon!


Technical note for Ubuntu Linux

Some issues have been addressed from the Linux community related to Discord filling the syslog. You may find more information and how to fix it in this forum